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Women’s Menopause Health Event, Friday Oct 21st, Sutton Golf Club, 9.30am-5.30pm

by Eoin Mulcahy

It’s a new dawn ladies! October is world menopause month and we are hosting a very special event to inform and help women navigate and thrive during the natural hormonal phases of menopause.

Gather in and be enlightened by the exciting panel of well-known professionals working in the field of Hormonal Health, as they share their evidence base research and expertise.

Be arm in arm with your peers and engage in the Q&A and interactive activities and wholesome tasty lunch and refreshments that are on offer.  Designed for all things menopause during this fantastic event. Our expert panel needs no introduction, from Consultants of Gynaecology, Nutrition, mindfulness & Innovation. 

On the day you will be spoiled by our Menopause Chef and special guest speaker, Rachel Graham as she launches her new book “Menomorphosis.” Rachel will guide you through the easy shifts of how to navigate your food, tailored for you.

We all need clarification on what really takes place during the hormonal phases of life, our expert Gynaecologist, Dr. Elena Arendar, over 15 years’ experience will take your queries and support you on how you/we can manage and thrive through it all. 

Not sweating the small stuff brings a whole new meaning in Menopause, so sit back and have a few laughs with our surprise entertainment, a towel will be provided. 

We are thrilled to introduce the sneak peak of the future of science and what prevention and detection will look like in the near future with innovative designer, co-founder Heidi Davis and her company IdentifyHER, to help with early detection of onset menopausal signs.

Our panel is diverse and internationally trained to give you the most valuable takeaways to start your path on a first healthy step. Prevention and innovation are most important and our Nutritional Experts “The Wellness Collective” will guide into addressing the symptoms and those days of perfect storms brought on when you are experiencing bouts of:

·       Brain Fog

·        Bone Pain

·        Itchy Skin

·        Night Sweats

·        Hot Flushes

·        Weight Gain

·        Depression

·        Fatigue

·        Lack of concentration

·        Insomnia

·        Hormone Replacement Therapy

·        And so much more…

Come and hear all you need to know about your menopause journey in one go and you will walk away feeling empowered, heard and cared for.

There will be a few more surprises that we just must save for the day and a certificate with CPD hours will be at the end the event.

Come join us this Friday, 21st October from 9.30am to 5.30pm at Sutton Golf Club. Tickets can be purchased at the door on the day or you can email [email protected] to reserve placement.

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