The Northside and Southside Newspapers are circulated through an extensive distribution network of strategically planned home delivery routes and pickup points in shopping centres and supermarkets to ensure a strong presence across all of the large communities throughout Dublin city and county and an even representation in all four Dublin Authority regions.


  • We are THE ONLY newspapers on the market with a combination of both letterbox delivery and self-select distribution throughout Dublin giving our readers and advertisers the best of both direct access in homes delivered and out of home visibility throughout local communities
  • We have the highest circulation per issue in Dublin, we have the Highest Readership per issue in Dublin and the Biggest Reach… reaching an average readership per issue of over 280,000 Dublin readers!
  • Our bi-weekly publishing dates give a longer lifecycle to advertisers and with 2 separate titles to choose from you can focus on a city side or spread your reach Dublin wide.
  • Our full print circulation combined is 80,000 bi-weekly which is divided between 2 titles:
  • The Northside News has 40,000 – delivered to 30,000 HOMES throughout North Dublin + 10,000 circulated through pick-up points.
  • The Southside News has 40,000 – delivered to 30,000 HOMES throughout South Dublin + 10,000 circulated through pick-up points.


Whether you’re looking for a local news story to be featured or would like information and advice on how to promote your business, brand and services to target local communities throughout Dublin, look no further than our professional and personalized services.

Why advertise in our newspapers?

Because we deliver real local news to the hearts and homes of Dublin and we get results for our advertisers

Now may be the best time to invest in print, as it is getting increasingly more difficult to break through the clutter online. Those who want their brands to get attention and see a large ROI should invest in an integrated marketing plan that includes both print and digital marketing. Digital may help cast a wider geographic net toward a specific customer whereas print advertising is more effective at driving business at a local Level and motivating customers to take action.

Our combined bi-weekly print circulation of 80,000 papers, delivered to 60,000 homes and 20,000 pickup’s in shopping centres and supermarkets – reach an average readership of 280,000 readers per issue. And when combined with our digital e-paper subscribers our estimated readership per issue is over 350,000.