Dublin News Media Ltd. is the proud publisher of leading local news titles The Northside News and Southside News. Two revered brand names with strong roots in local communities on both the Northside and Southside of Dublin.


We are passionate about sharing local news, supporting local initiatives and promoting local businesses and communities and strive to make our quality free newspapers as accessible as possible to our valued readers in all areas across Dublin. This is why we have built an extensive distribution network of both home delivery and pickup points to ensure we get the best coverage for reader access and in turn create a greater response for our advertisers looking to get their brand, products and promotions directly to their target audience at home and out in the community.

Dublin City News Local paper

Local press is leading and we’ve got Dublin Covered!

Our popular bi-weekly newspapers attract a large and loyal following of readers from urban areas all around Dublin because we report on the things that matter most in local communities and provide a strong and positive platform for promotion.  From supporting and promoting local people, schools, clubs, services, voluntary organisations and local businesses to sharing local news, views, opinions and celebrating local areas. We want to help our communities and businesses to be seen, be heard, stay informed and get connected.

So whether you would like to share a local news story or advertise your business – our professional team of editorial and advertising experts are here to help you get your message out into the hearts and homes of Dublin!